Pato Chemical Industry Public Co., Ltd.

Investor Relations

                    The Board of Directors places importance on presenting correct, complete, transparent and thorough information in financial reports and in the presentation of general information, as well as vital information concerning company assets. The various information is disseminated via stock market channels and communications. The company has not yet established an investor relations work unit due to small number of shareholders so far, but has assigned  Mrs. Parichart Manuthasna, the Office Manager and Company Secretary, to undertake contacts with institutional investors, shareholders and as well as analysts and related government sectors. Investors can contact for more information at Tel 0-2318-0360-9 ext. 118 or e-mail address : [email protected]

The company allows an opportunity for analysts or investors to schedule telephone interview directly with the managing director or other related administrative members as well as responding to enquiries via email.

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