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Social responsibility

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Corporate social responsibility
Sustainability Report

             Thailand is recognized as an agricultural country, despite the fact that the agricultural sector does not take the major role to generate incomes to the country. However the agricultural sector has still played an important role to feed the nation, and also yield the national incomes through export. Over the past, several countries worldwide have been trying to increase their farming areas in order to cultivate more. Even the countries which were unable to farm have also tried to lease cultivated lands of other countries for this purpose. Consequently, it can be said that the farming sector is significantly important role. Besides, the Thai agricultural sector has been expanding the lines of produces to include other economic plants in order to meet the domestic and international market’s demands, i.e. not only two-three major produces, Thai agricultural sector has focused on more than rice, for example, cassava, rubber trees, palms, oil, sugar canes, corns, tobacco, peanuts and soybeans.

             The things that Thai agriculturists have to bear in mind are “how to cultivate more to the point that they want without expanding the farming land”. To protect their produces from insects, pests, weeds and other plant diseases in order to gain more yields per rai is what the agriculturists keep in mind. Pato Chemical Industry PCL has imported both finished products and Technical Grade chemicals for their own manufacturing process, contrary to other similar companies, especially those international ones who have opted for imports of finished products. The Company has also laid down the policy to import the Technical Grade materials as much as possible as having considered that the Technical Grade chemicals can be formulated for their own manufacturing process and this would cut down the production cost and help promote the domestic income distribution since other chemical elements, including packaging materials can be supplied domestically. The most important thing is that the Company can monitor and control the quality of the products better than the imported finished ones. Definitely, this will bring about big advantages to Thai farmers and agriculturists as they can access to the good quality agricultural products with the lower price and cut down the farming cost. Consequently, the past 30-year history of the company’s operation have been secured by the reliability and trust of Thai agriculturists until today.

              Nevertheless, the Company has still kept forwarding to develop their environmental-friendly products, and commit themselves to enhance the agricultural understanding and knowledge through training on how to use the products to reduce the toxic residues. This is sustainably beneficial to the farmers and the consumers, including the resources which are brought for the product manufacturing.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

            Pato Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (Thailand) is a part of society, thus the importance of doing business with social, community and environmental awareness is to be concerned for sustainable growth and achievement of recognition. To encourage the directors, managements and employees to the same directions, the company takes into consideration, the Corporate Social Responsibility and set the policies as follows :

  1. To raise awareness of all employees the realization of social responsibility and take into account the promotion of social responsibility through corporate governance and internal control.
  2. To create enterprise value focusing on activities that are correct and honest and take into account the meaningful existence of the company. The implementation of the policies, the company takes into account the well-balanced and prioritized rights of all stakeholders including employees, customers, competitors, commercial creditors, environment and society. So all parties are satisfied and contribute to the sustainability.

Preparation of CSR Report

          The Company has prepared the CSR report in line with the framework of CSR guidelines outlined by SET. The report will be included in the Company’s annual report and reflect what they have planned and actually performed. Pato Chemical Industry PCL has committed themselves on the vision “Supply good quality products with fair price to Thai farmers, secure in the performance stability with the engagement of social and environment responsibility”. Consequently, the Company has set out the business guidance to observe the following 8 principles of social responsibility:

(1) Doing business with Fairness :
          Board of Directors has a policy to treat their business partners with fairness and honesty, and therefore establishes the principles below:

  • Avoid any business or operations which may lead to the conflict of interest.
  • Promote the freedom of fair competition and avoid favoritism treatment.
  • Support the protection of intellectual property or patents.
  • Establish the preventive measures to ward off bribery and corruption, by setting up the rectification process, as well as the monitoring function and penalty.
  • Promote the anti-corruption campaign among the executives and staff.
  • The company has remained the political neutrality and never taken a part or contributed funds to any political party directly or indirectly, as they have considered that the political stances are individual and not involved corporate responsibility.

(2) Anti-Corruption :
          Corruption in Thailand is recognized throughout the world and Thailand is ranked for corruption problem in the primary. The problem affects the image and standard of living of Thai people as a whole for instance :

  • Public resources may turn to someone own illegally and unethically.
  • Distortion of resources use and as a result, public do not receive full benefits from funds spent on the projects such as poor quality road or constructions which lead to a shorter working life than it seems, or people receive poor service.
  • Politicians may take opportunity to monopolize, not promoting effective and fair competition and result in weak and unprogressive organization.

          The youth and public will value wealth achieved by the fraud. Small mistake, privilege for own benefit will become common and done by everyone. People will not believe in morals and ethics and lead to exploitation, rules and disciplines breaking, and the lack of common sense to do for public.

(3) Respect on Human Right :
         The Company has supported and respected a human right protection and honor individual dignity. The company has put against the coercive and child labor by promoting the observance of the international human right codes and morality in order to secure the social tranquility.

         In addition, the employee recruitment has not been decided by inborn and physical character traits i.e. race, gender and religion, but judged on the real competency and virtue.

(4) Attainment to the goal of fair treatment to laborers : 
          The Company has secured the protection of employment by observing the fair employment codes of conducts as follows:

  • Put the priority on the safety and sanitation by arranging appropriate occupational health and safety on working.
  • Provide skills and training to enhance the employee’s competency and render career opportunity.
  • Return appropriate remuneration to reflect the workloads and job entity.
  • Set out the pledge and complaint process appropriately.
  • Provide appropriate benefit welfare.
  • Create balance of working life and family well-being.
  • Prevent from unfair treatment or disciplinary punishment to the employees who honestly work.
  • Seek for discussions/cooperation between employer and employee for solutions and respect employees’ opinions.
  • Develop and instill morals and ethics.
  • Offer employment to the disabled to return the benefits to the society.

(5) Responsibility for Consumers : The following principles are observed:

  • Manufacture the good quality products which have been trusted by Thai farmers over 30 years. The products will give an efficient and safe result, when the consumers follow the safety directions given on the label.
  • Provide correct and sufficient information to the consumers without propaganda by navigating easily-understood instructions which include the safety handling with the users who are affected by the toxic chemical, and how to manage the storage and disposal.
  • Raise awareness among the consumers and manufacturers to recognize the importance of using the products with the least harm to the environment.
  • Develop the products to give the optimum benefits in an environmentally responsible way i.e. supplying environmental-friendly products with least toxic residues.

(6) Responsibility for Environment :

  • Deploy the standard technology and manufacturing process by keeping in mind to minimize the waste amount which has been undergone the treatment.
  • Consume the resources in an efficient way by setting out energy-saving and recycling policies.
  • Develop more lines of environmental-friendly products.
  • Prepare for a contingency plan to handle the environmental rehabilitation.

(7) Cooperation with Society and Community :

  • Arrange social responsibility activities to fulfill the society and community development.
  • Maintain the pleasant surrounding environments in communities.
  • Render supports to the society and communities to access to the fundamental infrastructure i.e. building schools through the functions of universities’ volunteer rural development camps.

(8) Development /Sharing of Society, Environment & Interest Party-Responsible Innovations :
          The Company has increased the product lines with low toxic residues and no harm to farmers. Having started from the registration of the hazardous chemical for agricultural use, the Company has to prepare for the academic information/data about the products and submit them to the Department of Agriculture. In the meantime, the standard laboratory test is required carrying out to find out the level of chemical residues. For this process, the Company dispatches the sample of the products to the international laboratory in U.K. to ensure the lab result, and submit it to the Department of Agriculture. Then the expertise will conduct a test use of the product on the variety of plants to recognize the efficiency of the products and appropriate doze of use which is the best for Thai plants. This process shall take more than 1 year to fulfill.

Sustainability Report

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